No love. No humanity. No nothing.


Not everyone has it. Not everyone realises they can feel it. It is a quality, I think, we can take for granted in ourselves. We can sometimes expect people to have empathy and forget that sometimes it comes naturally to people and sometimes it doesn’t.

I do wonder if it all comes down to nature vs nurture but I’m not a psychologist and have not studied human behaviour in such a way that I could offer any sort of scientific opinion on it. I would lean more towards nature, simply because of my mother. If ever, there was a person who personified empathy and had kindness seemingly in her bones, it would be her.

So why am I talking about empathy right now? Maybe it’s because Donald Trump and the GOP are gutting the very foundations of what it means to live freely, to seek refuge, safety in a place that has so much. Maybe it’s because our own Prime Minister approves of such barbaric, inhumane, unfeeling actions (choosing not to outwardly and forcefully reject such things is an approval). Maybe it’s because our government appear to want live an easier life so they turn a blind eye to everything that is happening. For our MPs, simply tweeting their disgust just does not go far enough. They are in a position the rest of us are not in but they just tweet then watch for the next failure, the next abomination the government does nothing about. Their hands are not tied, they are sitting on them.

What else can be done? Who else can step up? Who else has the knowledge, the fight, the will, the strength, the ability to put aside ego, the gumption, for heaven’s sake, the brain to do something to make this country stop haemorrhaging itself into a catastrophe.

This tweet sums up everything that is wrong about the Trump administration. Downing Street has a lot to answer for by continuing to want to host him with a State visit this year. He is coming whether or not we want him to or not. Money is more important than blood, than terror, than fear, than refugees, than children, than basic humanity.

You have to be deeply unfeeling, selfish and downright cruel to behave like this because I cried tears of despair, pain and fear when I saw just this one tweet today:



Where does it end? God help us all, I think we all know, it is only just beginning.

God help us all.

-Smurf x


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