Any MPs with a backbone please stand up

I’m not the biggest fan of my nose. Actually, I was never a fan of it but lately I’ve grown to thinking about it too much and not in a good way (is there a good way to think of one’s nose for hours on end?) I say lately, it’s been about a year and a half. I wear glasses and I feel like wearing them draws attention to my nose. The one that my year 7 Art teacher told me looked “quite tissue-y in the centre” and was “shaped like a rugby ball in the middle”. Nice! I’ve never forgotten what she said whilst trying (and failing) to help me sketch a self-portrait (gosh, I’m dreadful at art. I can’t even colour within the lines in a colouring book. It takes too long to get it perfectly inside). So I have actively avoided looking at my nose over the years but now I really don’t like it (don’t even get me started on my blackheads). I won’t go as far as saying I detest it. I don’t. It is similar to the Warrior’s but hers has a small button-like quality to it and my sister has a structured, angularness to it that fits perfectly with her chiselled, high cheekbones… mine is a rugby ball.

Am I really talking about my nose on here?

Kind of.

Because just like my nose, I didn’t really have much of an opinion when Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader. It was what it was. A new leader coming to the front of the pack to lead the way into what? A new election in 5 years time. Oh, yeah…that. Remember that? I still remember how I felt when I woke up to the news that David Cameron had been re-elected. That was not a good day. I didn’t know that he would then make me want to beg him to stay our country’s leader on 24th June 2016. Bloody hell! In any case, when Corbyn became leader, I was still smarting over Ed Miliband’s loss in the election. In hindsight, I know he was never really right for the job. Still, I would take getting angry/frustrated/annoyed with his blundering manner than where we are right now.


Because now we have a leader of the (supposed) opposition enforcing a 3 line whip (apparently he resisted these on hundreds of occasions before he was leader but whatever). It essentially forces MPs to vote for triggering the Article 50 Bill. And this was before he even knew what was in it! I’m not the kind of person who thinks an opposition should oppose just for the sake of it, but the entire process of producing a bill, voting on it, if Parliament have a vote on the final deal in 2 years’ time, screams of underhanded, back alley, shady politics from the Conservatives. There should be transparency, a democratic process of voting and debating and the government should be forced to do this properly.

I have always thought that politics must be a difficult job. There is a lot to have to deal with, navigate, consider, work through, obtain, research, read, debate, vote on and that’s just in your own country, never mind others. People have their own agendas, parties have their own agendas, countries, literally everyone. It sounds exhausting and thankless and I have never wanted to do it. But you would think that those who have actively chosen to go into politics would have some sort of backbone. Nope. It looks like it is every man/woman for themselves. Constituents be damned. Fairness be damned. Anyone not able to fight for themselves? Too bad so sad.

Labour have had an opportunity, several opportunities in fact, to be the party that actually speaks for the people regardless of how they voted in the Referendum last June. That doesn’t mean campaigning for a second referendum. The MPs who repeatedly brought this up in the House of Commons this week need to shut up if that is the only thing they are bringing to the table. We lost. It is over. Brexit is happening. They need to now put all of this energy into ensuring the government works diligently, tirelessly and go beyond the best of their collective abilities to ensure Brexit works for everyone now and in the future. They are failing their constituents by repeatedly refusing to accept the result and attempting to change it. Yes, they played dirty. Yes, leave voters were sold lies (the NHS) but Brexit will happen. Working to ensure we don’t get left behind must become the priority now. Shifting the focus does not mean failing. But refusing to work with what we have is.

Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t appear to want to do anything about anything (except maybe joining ridiculous strikes over and over again). I don’t know why. I don’t know what his actual problem is but he has one and that is he is ineffective as leader of the Labour Party. Of course, Angela Eagle and Owen Smith would have been no better so it stands to reason he is still leader. Keir Starmer would be my choice. He has a clear view of the situation at hand and has the gumption to speak up about the government, whilst simultaneously accepting that we exiting the EU. It can be done. He would make a strong leader but I don’t think he wants the job of leader quite just yet. So Labour are stuck and that means Theresa May and her government can do whatever they want.

Our politicians have lost all backbone since the June referendum. The weight of their failures will simply have to fall on our own and on those of our children. What is happening at the moment will be looked at with nothing but contempt and shame in the decades to come.

Politics, ey?

-Smurf x


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