“Not Voting with my Vagina”

Now the usual response to this would be “shut up, nobody is asking you to”.


Except this year, it really is kind of important to consider one’s vagina when casting one’s ballot in this year’s election. There are any number of things to consider when voting for the next President, the economy, policy, the death penalty, abortion laws, gun laws, so very many things. Susan Sarandon, one of Hollywood’s most famous names does not think either Trump or Hillary are good options for President. I get it. I do. She couldn’t give a rat’s behind which of them becomes the next President of the United States because she is impressed by neither candidate. She thinks it’s important to vote for third parties.

That last statement makes me think that vaginas might actually be pretty damn important when voting. Here is why, and it is really a very simple argument.


There is nothing remotely Presidential about this man but this takes the collective vagina. Susan, your privilege means you get to not vote with your vagina. There are so many others who fight day in and day out to make sure they don’t have the same basic economic, employment and even basic human rights to not be treated like they’re a walking, talking, breathing vagina just waiting for a man to come and do whatever he wants with it.

Have there been stronger candidates for the Presidency in the past? Absolutely yes. Yes, there have. But that was then and this is now. Right now these two are the frontrunners. One of these two will become President. It has to be one of these two. Don’t bury your head in your vagina and think that they will go away. They won’t. Not until one of them becomes President of your country.You don’t have to open your legs, just your eyes, your mind, your heart even and look at the consequences of ignoring the importance of a vagina vote in this election.

Because a vote against Hillary, I don’t care if it’s for or against Trump, or for or against an independent, is a vote against your vagina.

Good job.


-Smurf x



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