If the High Court can’t get Theresa May to do her job, no one can

Was it only less than 4 months ago that the UK voted to leave the EU?

In that time, we have seen a shocking increase in hate crimes, a third runway approved at Heathrow, benefits cut even further for families just before Christmas (classy move Theresa), James Comey, Director of the FBI, make a serious attempt to torpedo Hillary Clinton’s election chances and Donald Trump’s seeming invincibility even in the face of showing the entire world that he is a hater of all things not white, male and rich.

Yes, time does seem to fly even when there is bullshit flying around all over the place. And that’s not even counting earthquakes, hurricanes, bigots being elected leaders of their country (seriously, what the fuck Philippines?), this country’s cringeworthy fawning over Narendra Modi (way to play it cool guys), terror attacks, terror arrests, closing down Calais, I mean the list just goes on and on.

Last week, a legal challenge was won in the High Court against the government. The ruling essentially bars Theresa May from triggering Article 50 until Parliament votes in agreement that the country is ready to trigger it. It is common sense to do so because we really spent the entire summer and autumn listening to the PM repeat “Brexit means Brexit” and that the government would work to “secure the best possible deal” for this country for “the British people who have spoken”. Over and over again this woman repeated these same phrases.

So she can only really blame herself for losing the right to trigger Article 50. Doing something as huge as this without proper consultation, without proper clarity and rigorous planning just goes to show how completely out of her depth Theresa May is. Brexit does mean Brexit. It means nothing. No one had a plan. No one thought they would win. No one thought beyond the 23rd of June 2016. Imagine people having a child, finding out their due date, the baby arrives and both parents look at each other and say “now what?” and then just decide to wing it. Weak analogy but that is literally how unknown Brexit was and still is.

Why shouldn’t the Prime Minister be held accountable for doing the very thing she has been (not elected) to do? Her job. Her job is to run this country for everyone, her job is to represent this country in its best light (at the moment our light is a slowly dying candle). Her job is not to force us into exiting the EU, tying the hands of Parliament into agreeing a stupid deal in the final minutes 2 years from 2017 and plunge the country into total economic darkness from which only the rich will benefit. Screw. That.

I have zero faith in her ability to properly lead us out of the EU. Absolutely none. Why should she care about those who live lives she has never experienced? Why should she care about those working hard to achieve something? Why should she put aside her contempt for such people as the Prime Minister of this country?  I hope she proves me wrong and gets a clue. She won’t.

She won’t.

-Smurf x


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