Why Ted Cruz’s continued stupidity endangers us all.

I don’t know much about Ted Cruz. I don’t care to. His hilariously disastrous run to become President of the United States was just that, really quite funny. Not funny haha but funny that this bumbling, poor man’s Boris Johnson, thought he was actually a good candidate for becoming President. He lost to Donald Trump. Donald. Trump. If I had lost to a simple-minded, bigoted, oompa-loompa I would have crawled into a hole and stayed there to wait for death.

But not Ted Cruz. He is too stupid to even do that.

I don’t give a rat’s left nut about Ted Cruz. He is so far removed from my own life (and really, politics in my own country is going through its own shit-fest anyway) that I don’t spare much thought for this idiot. He stands for everything in this world that I disagree with. And these are mainly things that are individual to people and have nothing to do with him (and his equally moronic party) like a woman’s right to have an abortion and/or birth control or whether or not two (or three or even four) dudes are having sex with each other, to which bathroom people can use.

And in a less individual but much more “it’s to keep your country safe” type of way, he just doesn’t feel like gun control is a big issue. 90% of the citizens of the country (including gun owners) are in favour of gun control. But Senator (that sounds like a joke) Ted Cruz thinks they are all stupid and he is the only person in the world who truly understands why shootings repeatedly happen in his country. Ok, so what did he say was the reason behind the Orlando shooting just over a month ago? Oh that’s right, it’s an Islamic terrorism issue not a gun control issue.

But of course it is Teddy! Of course it is. Because Christina Grimmie was gunned down by an Islamic terrorist that same weekend. Omar Mateen, shot and killed over 49 people in a gay nightclub because he was only a Muslim. Not because he was apparently gay and hated himself for it and it was this combination of his religion and homosexuality that led him to obtain an assault rifle faster than I can get a GP appointment. And let’s not forget those five, FIVE mass shootings on February 20th 2016 alone – yeah, that’s one single day of shootings in your country – all committed by those radicalised Muslims all over the place (it should be worrying to you that I could go on with other examples from this year).

Give me a fucking break with this bullshit. You can’t tell anyone that mass shootings, of which there have been well over 100, since the start of 2016 in the US (and we’re only barely 7 months into the year) can be stopped by eradicating radicalisation of Muslims. Ted Cruz’s statements continually attribute mass shootings to Islamic radicalisation and that is irresponsible in the grossest possible way and just reaffirms the fact that he has no business becoming the President of a country already on the brink of turning on itself.

If you want another example of just how Ted Cruz picks and chooses where he lays blame, just think of the Dallas shootings earlier this month. Two black men were shot and killed within days of each other by law enforcement. Ted Cruz acknowledged nothing about this. The entire world heard and saw the fallout of it all. But Ted Cruz remained curiously silent about it all on his Twitter feed until a peaceful protest in Dallas ended in blood and terror when snipers decided to shoot and injure a dozen officers, killing five of them. Cruz dedicated 14 tweets to the fallen police officers. Now, he absolutely should have done so. And, to his credit, he didn’t attribute this shooting to those pesky Muslims. But he did nothing else. He mourned the loss of the officers but he didn’t offer anything else. No calm. No solidarity or understanding with the black community, who are just as much American as the officers. Nothing. His silence said a lot. He ignores African-Americans with the same vigour as he blames terror attacks on Islam. Fyi, Senator Cruz, the Dallas shooting was an act of terrorism. I’m sure if the perpetrators had sworn allegiance to Islam instead of Black Lives Matter, you would have been on that right quick. Better to just ignore black people though right? Because they’re not as much of a problem in the world as a whole like Muslims are. You can just look right through them because they are too unimportant on the whole. They’re neither dangerous nor worthy. They are not silent but you don’t hear them. But if they started reading the Qu’ran or wanted to get an abortion or were gay or wanted to use a bathroom that you didn’t think was the ‘correct’ one, you would all of a sudden see them. Right?

And this was the man who wanted to be the President of arguably the most powerful country in the world. Oh. my. God.

So why am I so angry with him now? The man (thankfully) isn’t even in the running for the Presidency anymore. Well, last night I watched in horror as news of yet another attack came to light in France. This time in Nice. Despite how mixed I am, I am half British and half French. I consider myself European (don’t laugh, being European still means something to me). I was horrified. I was saddened. Yesterday had been an especially bad day on a personal level but it had ended quietly and ok in the end until I saw what had happened in Nice.

Every time something like this happens in France, I feel so many things. A profound sadness, empathy like nothing else before it, numbness, anger, fear, lucky that it didn’t happen here, guilt for feeling like this. So many emotions all rolled up into one. France is resilient. It is a country that has its problems but it is strong. Terrorists are trying to break them. They are trying to use the fear of its citizens against them, to tear them apart. France is resisting. There might be tears, there might be fear, there might be anger, but they get back up and they march on.

Ted Cruz bringing his stupidity to Europe, therefore, is something I – as a British/French woman, as a European – do not want. While world leaders such as Chancellor Merkel, Prime Minister May and President Obama offered their condolences, their support, their sympathies, recognition of the strength of France and condemnation of the attack, this halfwit did his best to show the world that he really is just like Donald Trump when he tweeted this idiocy:

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.59.42

Here is what Trump had to say.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.00.26

Really these two pig-headed fools are so much very much alike it makes me laugh that Cruz once considered himself the opposite to Trump. You know who is more opposite to Trump than Cruz? Hillary Clinton. For all her faults she responded like an actual leader.

Even Boris Johnson showed that beneath all of that baffoonery is actually a somewhat smart man who knows that there is a time and a place for political rhetoric and this was not it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.10.16

I am not saying for one second that the Nice attack was not an act of terrorism. It was. It absolutely was. But Ted Cruz is the kind of stupid ass that would take one look at an act like this and say yep, this is all Obama’s fault (because this is one black person he actually can see) and we are all vulnerable to radical Islam and oh my god it’s going to happen here!!! We’re all in danger of dying! The Muslims are going to get us!! A reaction like this is not what anyone needs immediately after a terror attack. Leaders actually lead by example. And it is really bad when you are worse than Vladimir Putin. So good job on that Ted!

Listen up, you hate-filled, waste of (perfectly polluted) oxygen, the terror attack in Nice killed over 80 people. Dozens more are injured. Children died. One man has reportedly lost his entire family. Exercise some human decency, some actual human feeling for once in your pathetic little life and do not respond to this kind of senseless violence with a statement on how Islamists are going to kill us all and we should lay the blame at President Obama’s feet. You don’t know how lucky the country has been to have had a President who understands fundamentally, what it means to be a President. Your stupidity is endangering the citizens of your own country. That is bad enough already, but you can keep it there and back the hell off of Europe. We might not always get along or even really like each other much at times, but we band together when terrorists attack us. If you can’t stand back for two minutes to actually think about what is happening in this world long enough to realise that what we all need is some comfort, some strength, some damn compassion(!), to be reminded that the actions of a group of psychopaths cannot and will not destroy us instead of adding fuel to the fire (that fuel is hate in case your feeble mind couldn’t understand that), then you have no business bringing your bullshit to us over here. You endanger us all when you do this. We have enough of our own problems to deal with and your country also has enough of the problems you continue to create and drive home to handle so keep your thoughts on terror attacks to yourself. Because whilst radicalisation is a problem, Islamic radicalisation is not the only kind that is happening – that people are vulnerable to – and you most certainly are not the best person to be using the word Islamic in any way shape or form. You have no true understanding of just how damaging it is to continually use ‘Islamic’ or ‘Islam’ in the same sentence as terrorism or radicalisation. You are attributing these two things with one religion and nothing else. See my point about Dallas if you don’t think so.

So unless you are willing to come over here and look the mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, partners, husbands, wives, friends of the dead or injured in the next attack on us (because people like you ensure that we end up having to deal with more and more) in the eyes and tell them that you are sorry (and even this won’t be enough) for being part of the problem that made them have to go through the kind of unspeakable pain that comes with burying a child or spouse, you can keep your sorry excuse for – I don’t even know what your point is – to yourself. Keep your hate away from us. We have enough of it to deal with already. You don’t get to decide to burden us with more of it.




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