United Kingdom of cowards

Perhaps the most recent examples of cowardice have been presented in our own government. I don’t think that is harsh. In fact, I think I’m being nice. Because there is plenty I could say about the profoundly stupid way this government has operated in the last few years. Here is the thing, we had some these pathetically stupid fools successfully campaigned for the country to leave the European Union. It is something that has been part of our country for decades and has given us more than they could ever open their eyes enough to see. And on the other side we had some other stupid idiots, who, until close to the end of the campaign arrogantly assumed that people wouldn’t vote to leave because the unknown was just too scary. And in the middle, you had your Theresa Mays – those who couldn’t be bothered to pick a side (but said they were Remainers, yeah sure) and then decided to vote to leave but kept their traps shut because they couldn’t explain why. Jeremy Corbyn is accused of this same duplicitous behaviour. I know of at least one NHS nurse who voted to leave and her only reason was because “it would be nice to see a woman in Downing Street.” Oh. Well, ok then. Excuse me while I sit in a corner and bash my head into a brick wall repeatedly so I don’t call you a stupid waste of space for voting for the wrong thing!

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove both, in their idiotic conspiracy to remove David Cameron from Downing Street, ended up not achieving the end goal anyway. Yes, they got rid of him, but neither of them will be the ones to replace him. Their backing of Brexit then led Gove to seemingly stab Johnson in the back by announcing his own bid to become the country’s (unelected) Prime Minister, forcing Johnson to decide to not run after all. What is this secondary school? This is Mean Girl behaviour, which (surprisingly) isn’t the kind of behaviour I want to see in our politicians.

Where did this leave us then? Well, we had Gove, Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom. Leadsom, who couldn’t even lie properly on her CV and who couldn’t even do a proper job of distancing herself from racist factions such as UKIP and Britain First. Leadsom who hates the LGBTQ community, who doesn’t see the point of maternity rights and who didn’t think that May would make a good Prime Minister because she wasn’t a mother. That Andrea Leadsom, dropped out of the race entirely this morning is hardly surprising. She was criticised and scrutinised as anyone who puts forward their name to become the leader of a country and she couldn’t handle it. That is weak. And really, the least cowardly thing for her to do was to step down because she was quite obviously not the person to be entrusted with the job of negotiating this country out of Europe.

Both Gove (the failure) and Leadsom (the bigot without a cause) now back May – the only candidate for the job now anyway – for Prime Minister. Theresa May is no good samaritan either. It has been easy for her past votes and practices to be overshadowed by Leadsom’s particular idiocy, but her LGBTQ support in the past hasn’t been the best. She has since claimed in her bid to become leader (you know, when there was a contest for all of five minutes) that she is committed to protecting LGBTQI rights. I’m scared that she won’t. And her consistent statements of using EU citizens who currently live in the UK as bargaining chips to negotiate Brexit is so worrying it makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, has been challenged today by Angela Eagle for the leadership of the party. To me, they are both cowards. Lets start with Corbyn. His party is in absolute chaos. Since Brexit it has completely imploded and he is going about things the wrong way. If there was ever a wrong way of running a party then you need look no further than Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn as Prime Minister would never happen. And if it did he wouldn’t be a very good one. A good leader knows when to go. A good leader would do what is best for the party, and the country, as a whole. A good leader would put us first. A coward holds on at all costs. Like a husband who hasn’t been bothered to give a damn in his marriage who refuses to sign the divorce papers served to him by his long-suffering spouse because he is convinced he can be a good husband. But doesn’t feel like showing it. The fact his parents and friends and other family think he is a good husband should just be enough. Stupid.

Angela Eagle, voted against the National Living Wage, against inquiries into the Iraq war, a war she voted for, voted to bomb Syria, voted against stronger regulations on fracking, voted for snooping laws and mass retention of user data, supported proposals by Blair’s government to detain people without charge for 90 days (not a Blairite? Give me a break!) and is a heavy supporter of Trident. She, having seen the complete shambles of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, has now challenged him for it. She wants to swoop in there, make herself the Hillary Clinton of the Labour party. I am woman, hear me roar! Oh shut it. I would love to see an openly gay, female Prime Minister. But Angela Eagle would no more make a good Prime Minister than I would. She is about as much “about the people” as Theresa May or Andrea Leadsom or David Cameron or Nigel Farage or literally any other politician I can think of. And I don’t want to think about them any more than I have to. What other word can describe a person who only has an interest in leadership when the entire party is against the leader enough that they are willing to take a blind eye to all of her own previously poor decisions but coward?


And now, after initially saying that he would stay on until September, only 3 months, so that the country could regain at least some stability, David Cameron has just announced that he will stand down immediately after Prime Minister’s Questions this coming Wednesday. We will have an unelected Prime Minister within 48 hours. He is running. He caused all of this and he is running. He is a coward. But he is a coward who now doesn’t have to deal with anymore of his party’s crap for much longer. It’s a giant middle finger to everyone. To those who forced his hand into calling this Referendum in the first place (I would argue he did that himself by generally being an idiot), to the 52% who voted to leave and to the 48% and the future generations who now must live with it. It is no longer his problem.

Cowardice. Cowardice everywhere.

Smurf x


2 thoughts on “United Kingdom of cowards

    1. Theresa May literally just gave a speech in which she said she will work to make this country great again. She’s like Trump but way more sly about it. I think we’d like Obama though!


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