Book Rec: John Wiltshire’s More Heat Than the Sun series

My first m/m recommendation, here goes!

The main thing I love about these books is that the two central characters, Nikolas and Ben, are not perfect. In fact, they are so unperfect that you will find you sometimes don’t even like them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rolled my eyes or growled in frustration but it makes the books interesting. Wiltshire always brings it back but it’s so refreshing to have characters who are complex and don’t always see everything with impeccable clarity or react to situations perfectly. They’re human but also extraordinary at the same time and I think Wiltshire shows great skill in juggling the two and it makes for an enjoyable read.

Like any book, this series is not without its faults. I think John Wiltshire could have treated the female characters with more care, more empathy than he did. The two of any real significance across the 8 books were a little vindictive for me. That isn’t to say there aren’t positive female characters present, there are, but they are characters who are not overly important to the story like the other two. There is nothing wrong with having a strong female character in m/m books and I would have liked to have seen one.

There are 8 books. The end of each one tells you which book is next, which is good because I never can remember the order when I’m reading them.* Book 8 doesn’t have this so I think it is definitely the last book in the series. Speaking of which, I didn’t enjoy this one as much. I think he could have left it at 7, but that’s my personal opinion.

A word of warning. These books are at times, violent, harsh and graphic. These characters are not coddled boys, they are men who have been, and go through, a lot in their lives. Subject matters include murder, child abuse, rape, triggers and violence at some points. Consider this a trigger warning for all potential readers.

You can find more reviews here (which is where I first came across the books too). One of the best reading decisions I’ve made in a while.

Smurf x


*Reading order for More Heat Than the Sun

Love is a Stranger

Conscious Decisions of the Heart

The Bridge of Silver Wings

This Other Country

The Bruise-Black Sky

Death’s Ink-Black Shadow

Enduring Night

His Fateful Heap of Days



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