UK Labour. Really?

Since the decision was made last week for the UK to leave the European Union, the country has literally descended into total chaos. The pound dropped to a 31 year low, the markets went into free fall, the economy is at risk of plunging itself back into a recession far worse than the one it weathered in the 2008 crash, racism and xenophobia is on a terrifying upwards trajectory, the Prime Minister has resigned and no one knows – in government or out – just what the bloody hell is going on or what is going to happen.

Hooray for Great Britain!

Aside from the fact the English national team proved that, yes they really are just a waste of time and effort when it comes to a major football tournament, the Labour Party is imploding. In fact, it’s all so up in the air that the country’s government up and down the country seems to be playing out its own version of Game of Thrones. Newsflash! It’s not as fun as the TV show and, instead of interesting, strong characters all vying for leadership, all we have is weak, pathetic, racist, privileged buffoons everywhere. And yes, there has even been bloodshed. Has everyone in the Labour party already forgotten Jo Cox then? Her husband and children haven’t.

Again, hooray, Great Britain. Even the name ‘Great’ sounds like it’s mocking the country for goodness sake.

Jeremy Corbyn, the current leader of Labour, won a landslide victory in last year’s election after Ed Miliband stepped down. He has always been known to be stubborn in his ways and not really much of a traditional labour leader. At least, not in the way the party was used to. It was supposed to be a new start, which doesn’t mean to say that he was extremely popular amongst party members, but it was nice to move away from Ed and to instead have a leader who at least had the potential to be forceful and strong.

That hasn’t been the case.

Amongst a variety of things, the country’s decision to leave the EU has sparked the Labour Party into a sort of coup against Corbyn. So many of them argue that he didn’t work hard enough to campaign to Labour voters to vote to stay in the EU. I agree. In the months of campaigning, I only ever saw David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Priti Patel, Iain Duncan Smith and Nigel Farage amongst others. I didn’t even know Corbyn had even campaigned at all until I saw a little snippet of a speech he gave on the news on Monday morning. And that coverage was in fact about the expected resignations for so very many Shadow Cabinet Ministers.

Really, I don’t even know what his stance is on many things. I don’t know what his opinions are and I don’t know what direction he wants to take the party in. It’s confused and, quite frankly, all over the place. I wouldn’t trust someone like this to run the country and I wouldn’t vote for him in a general election.

Labour Party MPs have a point. I do understand their frustration. Instead of strong and forceful, Corbyn has been stubborn and lacklustre. I understand why they believe Jeremy Corbyn cannot win an election. I don’t understand the need for so many of the cabinet to resign though. Yes, they did it because of Brexit and because they no longer believe in Corbyn. But they are also, in reacting this way, essentially abandoning their party too. The entire Labour Party has descended into total and complete chaos from these actions. A vote of no confidence, voting against Jeremy Corbyn 172 – 40, is astonishingly bad and goes to show just how fractured the party has become. For almost all of them Corbyn is the problem in Labour.

Here’s the thing. Whilst I understand why they have all taken such strong action, I don’t understand how none of them can see the bigger picture. Jeremy Corbyn isn’t the only problem. Because whilst they all blame, shame and work hard to oust him at all costs, voters are losing faith in the party as a whole. None of them can get it together. No one is actually stepping up and challenging Jeremy Corbyn. No one has actively pushed to have a new leadership contest. When some of them have been asked directly whether or not they will stand should one happen, the most common answer has been “I am neither confirming nor denying that”. How infuriating this is I cannot tell you. No one is stepping up. No one wants to be the first person. But I imagine once a contest is called by someone eventually, we will see several of them clambering to be elected.

You know what? Enough. Enough of this pathetic, weak-minded behaviour. Someone, anyone, get yourself some gumption, pull up your big girl/boy pants and put yourself forward as the person to take charge of this party and to lead it in a direction that is strong enough to actually run this country. Is this party so full of second place finishers that no one is willing to be the one to be the change everyone so loudly wants but refuses to undertake?

Because whilst you have all been messing around and looking to the next person to take the reigns and make a change (much like the England football team did when they played Iceland earlier this week) the country has elected an unelected coalition government, then actually elected a Tory Prime Minister, then allowed UKIP to gain traction, has seen a cut to public services, continually fights the government on their very real threats to the future of our NHS, teachers and schools are suffering in an absolutely astounding way, we have voted to leave the EU and now face having yet another unelected Prime Minister. And it could be Boris Johnson.

What the hell is wrong with all of you?!

Ask yourselves why you all went into politics in the first place? What was your vision for your careers, for the country? Do you always want to be the person who just sits there waiting for someone else to do the hard work whilst you climb on top of your high horse and bully them when it doesn’t work? Is this really all you can all think of when it comes to making the party an actual effective force in this country? Because that is pathetic. And it is dangerous.

Your continual misuse of time to fight instead of actually work is weakening the Labour party and strengthening UKIP.

We are out of Europe. What more do you need in terms of a wake up call here?

Nigel Farage, having achieved this, waits in the wings to make a play for UKIP to become a stronger party than Labour in this country. The rampant racism and xenophobia in this country within the last few days alone should tell you that! What’s to stop him getting into Number 10 after the Labour party becomes nothing?

Because while you all fight and expect strength and action from each other instead of yourselves, you’re all doing Farage’s work for him – obliterating the Labour party and sending it to the gutter.

Get it together. Do it fast.

I don’t care how.


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