Dear Keir Starmer…

Dear Mr Starmer,

You do not know me. I feel as though I no longer know myself since the results of the EU Referendum were clear last Friday. I am one of your constituents in Holborn & St Pancras. I voted for you last year. You seemed to care a bit about us. I don’t know. I don’t really know much these days.

I am a woman in my twenties, raised in a single parent household on a council estate. I am so very proud of how far my little family has come throughout the years. Growing into a woman has been tough. Growing up mixed race has also been tough. I am struggling to get onto a vacation scheme in law. I am so acutely aware of social mobility it sometimes weighs so heavily on my shoulders. My struggle with my identity is my own and not yours and I have never struggled with it more than I have done these past four days. I have talked to God. I have talked to family. I have searched my soul after the Referendum result and have come up with little more than loneliness, fear and anger. I won’t lie to you and say that I am always positive. I am not. I won’t say that I am particularly optimistic either. I have not been.

Here are two things I have seen from your Twitter feed since the country’s decision to leave the EU:


Which do you mean exactly? Because immediately after the result you wanted everyone to work together to make our country work. Now, after seeing so very many other Shadow Cabinet Ministers resign, you have too. How is this working together? What is your party doing here? I am not a fan of Jeremy Corbyn. I agree that he is not the man to lead the Labour party. I don’t know who is, but I know that I would not vote for Mr Corbyn in a general election. I wouldn’t. This does not make me happy. In fact, it only adds to my own sense of displacement, which the infighting amongst Labour is making worse.

How could you resign as Shadow Immigration Minister? What are your reasons besides not supporting Mr Corbyn? Do you not care at all about the work that is to be done in this country now, especially given that immigration is at the forefront of people’s minds to an almost hysterical level? Was your first tweet a lie? What was the question you asked yourself that led to your resignation as Shadow Immigration Minister? Do you not think you could have done some good, now more than ever, in this post? Do you no longer believe you can? Do you not think that you could help to provide the calm in this storm of uncertainty, lies and misinformation around immigration? Wouldn’t this have been an opportunity for you to step up and be the voice of calm and poise and to make a real difference? From the tweet accompanying your letter of resignation, it looks as though you no longer want the challenge. You say in your letter that it is clear that the role now needs “a much louder voice”. Why can’t you raise yours?

Talk to us. Give us a reason for your actions today other than supporting your colleagues in trying to oust Mr Corbyn. Was there no other way? Is the answer for Labour to simply shirk their responsibilities when they don’t get their way? Why should I believe you as my MP now? You don’t explain enough in your letter. Is protesting against Mr Corbyn’s leadership more important than the bigger picture? Can you not see a bigger picture post-Brexit because there simply isn’t one? Should we all just have no hope then either?

What is your stance on all of this? Do you plan on being a voice ever again? Give us some direction because many of us in your constituency have none anymore.

It’s ok if you don’t know either. Just tell us something.




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