Why the UK’s vote to leave will go down in history as the country’s stupidest move

When I went to bed last night I felt ok. Anxious, but otherwise ok. The Remain vote had a 4 point lead against the Leave vote. It was ok. So I went to sleep.

And then I woke up and checked Twitter. My sleep-fogged brain woke up so fast I might as well have been shot straight through the heart with adrenaline. I got up. I went downstairs and I saw on the TV that no, it wasn’t a joke, I wasn’t dreaming, the UK had actually voted to Leave the EU.

Here’s the thing. This country. My country has gone to the gutter. The baby boomers who reaped the benefits of being in the EU have now taken it away from those of us who would have had a tiny bit of a chance in this country. There is no hope. None. Where they have prospered, we will now be left hanging on for dear life. It’s already hard and now the future is both unimaginable and hopeless.

It says something that Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump have praised the country for the vote. It makes me profoundly ashamed to be British today. I am sorry for Jo Cox. I am sorry for the 48% of people who knew that this country would go to the gutter if we voted to leave.

David Cameron gambled on the referendum. He used the promise of calling for the referendum so that he could get his way and be voted back into 10 Downing Street. Today, off the back of the Leave win, he has resigned. So how did that work out for you David? The blame rests on him. He is the worst leader this country has ever seen (and we had Thatcher for god’s sake!) his legacy will only be about how he gambled on the entire future of this country. And lost.

The Leave vote has won. Racism has won. Fascism has won. Hate, fear, intolerance has won. The NHS has lost, workers rights, LGBT rights, the economy. It’s all going to be lost. There is a cruel irony in the fact that we are called the United Kingdom. No we are not united. Scotland, Northern Ireland and London voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU and everywhere else voted out. We have been plunged into an abyss of total chaos today after a shambolic and shameful campaign. The £ has dropped to lows not seen in over 30 years. Everything will be harder, from travel to trade to literally everything being even more expensive in this country. I’m already taxed to within an inch of my life and that won’t stop either. That will go up. The NHS. When I think about the NHS I feel nothing but despair for it.

Throughout this there has been little understanding with what a potential leave from the European Union would mean for the state of this country. We still don’t know. Those who campaigned to leave are now telling us all not to panic. YOU don’t panic, you won! I’m going to panic because you don’t have a vested interest in the future of this country, only yourselves so shut up.

I don’t want to have children. I thought, perhaps one someday, but I won’t. I don’t want to bring a child into this world. They won’t have opportunity, basic rights and no hope for social mobility or achievement. I can’t bring a child into this world, this country where fear prospers above all else. Because that is what this vote was. It was bending to fear. This country’s supposed greatness is afraid and running away. It’s pathetic.

One thing is for damn sure, Scotland will definitely have a new referendum and will this time vote to become independent from the United Kingdom. They will almost certainly petition to reenter the EU after that. Why shouldn’t they? They should. I want them to. Northern Ireland I hope will do the same. What unity will there be for the United Kingdom then? Absolutely none. Perhaps we should look into renaming the country. Because today marks the day that there is literally nothing ‘Great’ about Britain. This country is no longer United.

Shameful. Shameful indeed.

Smurf x


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