An Open Letter to MLR Press: Are you kidding me?!

So by now you must have all heard about the terrible atrocity in Orlando, Florida, which saw the worst kind of person to have walked this earth, terrorise and murder 50 people and injure many more at Pulse nightclub.

The LGBTQ community, and indeed the world, are in shock. We are all horrified, saddened, angry and every other possible emotion under the sun. But the most incredible thing has been the way in which people from all walks of life have banded together. There has been incredible compassion and empathy shown by so many across the globe.

Now to MLR Press. On Twitter today I came across something interesting tweeted by an author I am a huge fan of. She was responding to another author who was totally aghast by a submissions page on the MLR Press website. Here is the link.

The title is: Call For Submissions: Hate Will Never Win.

One of the things it says is “[f]rom the ashes of tragedy, hope will survive” amongst other things. To which I say once again, are you kidding me?!

They also helpfully provide an email address and contact for Kris Jacen if you have any questions. So this is my question, in case you didn’t get it the first time. Are you fucking kidding me? 

Who in their right mind would ever think that the death of 50 people and the serious injuries of so very many others, not to mention such profound loss and shock to their friends and families, was a good marketing opportunity? There is no redeeming quality from these people. Proceeds of any sales of this literature is not a good way to help any of the victims. In case some of you didn’t know there is a GoFundMe page already which has raised over $1.5million dollars and is still going. There is nothing that MLR Press could say that could justify such an unbelievably callous, cruel and hideous move on their part to market their publishing house. Absolutely nothing. They have shown in this move, a true lack of basic human feeling and decency.

So for those of you who think these guys are trying to do something good I say, no they’re not. They’re using a terrible tragedy, an act of terrorism, to market their books and their business. If you want to donate, do so here.

And let us all hope the team at MLR take a good, hard look at themselves. And that they do it fast.

Smurf x




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